Embracing Change


Be Groups Pastor

The one thing that I have had to do in order to become part of the Servolution is to be willing to embrace change. I first saw this reality lived out in my Mom. She has been an active part of the Movement long before it was called Servolution. My Dad’s nickname for her is “Bonnie-Go” because she seems, even at 79, to always be going somewhere to help someone.

As a young boy, my Mom would change her busy schedule for most anyone in need. She would take people to the doctor at a moments notice or just go sit with them. Many times she would change her plans and cook more for supper so she could provide someone a meal. But to cook more she would have to change other plans to go to the store. Those changes in her plans meant I and my younger brother would have to sometimes change our plans and tag along.
Often we would complain, but I really can’t remember her complaining. What I can remember her saying were the encouraging words to the family who received the meal. Their frown would change to a smile as she offered the meal and I and my brother would ride back home with her, changed.
Servolution happens because Jesus-followers are willing to embrace change in any aspect of their lives so that others can be served and God gets the glory.